Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New addition to the Tiger family

Sheldon Turtle Tiger was born last night at 10:24 PM. Turtle, Andy, and Knitting Tiger are recovering and resting.

After almost a year of watching me knit sweaters, scarves, and bags, Andy put in a special request. Sheldon. Since it'd take me forever to knit him a sweater... and it'd cost a fortune... and he'd never wear it, I was intrigued by the request for something so small.

"What will you do with him?," I asked.

"I will take him everywhere," he replied.

"Really, you're going to take him places?"

"Yes, and I'll take pictures of him everywhere we go. Can you finish him before December 13 so I can take him on the cruise?"

I ordered Sheldon's yarn and some needles and the anticipation in the Tiger household began to build.

Sheldon's pattern was a bit of a challenge -- I hadn't used double-pointed needles before, and working with something so tiny made me a little crazy. After about 15 tries, things starting working out like I had hoped. We left for a camping trip the morning I started him, and I knitted in the car o
n the way to/from the campground. His little legs took about 2 hours of semi-distracted TV watching. And, his shell was packed carefully in my carry-on bag this past weekend when we headed up to Cape Cod. I finished his shell on Monday on the way back to the airport and after messing up the I-cord that was supposed to attach his shell to the belly panel, I gave up and tigered some crochet around the edges.

Sheldon is made from 1 skein each of KnitPicks Sport Shine in Green Apple and Grass. He required US3 DPNs, and US4 straights. He knits happily on KnitPicks harmony needles -- so pretty!